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Enter the world of the shadow operative—ruthless, pragmatic secret agents who topple empires and spill blood on behalf of their corporate masters.

Leon “Stinger” Ortega is a veteran shadow operative with more than a decade of experience under his belt. He has dedicated himself to a life of servitude and solitude, ever at the beck and call of his company, Omicron Incorporated. But when he is assigned to become the personal bodyguard for top company asset, Lucien Gerarchi, a celebrity musician hailed for his beauty and diamond-blue eyes, the agent finds himself at a crossroads.

There is no room for romance in a shadow operative's world. But Leon can't help yearning for what is forbidden to him, and the powers that be are intent on keeping him from his greatest desire.


Just how much will one man endure to be with the love of his life?

**DISCLAIMER: This MM sci-fi romance novel series is meant for mature readers. It is set in a dark, gritty world and deals with mature themes including sex, self-harm, alcohol/drug abuse, violence, death, indentured servitude, human experimentation, and excessive swearing.

Furthermore, the main character is a bisexual man with bisexual tendencies, though this series remains first and foremost an MM romance.

Reader discretion advised.


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