Leon 'Stinger' Ortega is a Shadow Operative

...a secret agent who specializes in corporate warfare and espionage. Weathered, highly trained, and outfitted with a nanite technology that grants him accelerated healing abilities, there wasn’t a single mission he couldn’t accomplish.

Until, that is, he is tasked with protecting corporate asset Lucien Gerarchi, a musician adored across the world for his angelic voice and bewitching diamond-blue eyes.


Leon is blindsided by the entertainer's advances, and as events draw them closer, lines are blurred and boundaries are crossed until they can no longer resist each other.


But in a world where only the strongest survive, love and loyalty are constantly being tested. No amount of training or experience could have prepared Leon for the moment he learns the truth behind their fatal attraction.




Some Scars Never Fade...

Several months have passed since the tragic events at

St. Cecilia's unfolded, but the days (and nights) of sheer bliss spent at Lucien's side are still fresh on Leon's mind. Why not immortalize them? A one-shot comic.

**Author's Note: This comic takes place between books one and two of the series. It is not required to fully understand the novels, but it is still a highly

recommended read!

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