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You know those super rare LGBTQ romance options in RPG games or the occasional gay or lesbian person that's mentioned in comics, movies, or TV shows? Yeah, the ones that are either buried under a ton of ridiculous side quests, feel shafted compared to their mainstream-friendly counterparts, or exist purely for the laughs or shock factor.


Now, imagine if someone took those characters seriously, made them the center of attention of an entire story, and actually fleshed out the characters with love, care, and consideration for who they are as human beings.


That's Zara Phanh. She's been an avid devourer of any media featuring LGBTQ+ characters since she was first introduced to the niche by her friends in grade school. Decades later, she's still happily hooked to the genre and doesn't see that changing any time soon.


Heavily influenced by her passion for gaming, hard sci-fi, and fantasy, she mostly writes about badasses who are prone to falling madly, deeply in love.

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